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Medical Tests and Prices

Full blood profile – only £190

This is a general health MOT, looking at many different factors including iron level, kidney function, liver function, cholesterol screen, glucose.

This test is usually recommended as a general health screen, as blood tests are often the most sensitive and specific way to detect early deterioration in health.

This test is most useful if you are feeling generally unwell, weak, experiencing ongoing infections, or have had previous liver or kidney problems or a family history of raised cholesterol or diabetes.

Prior to this blood screen we recommend a consultation with our doctor who will go through your family history and your medical history including risk factors to try and tailor the full blood count to your specific needs. This allows us to recommend further steps, dietary measures, supplementation or advice on retesting if needed and explain your results thoroughly.

All bloods tests return in 24 hours and are directly reported to the patient. Our doctor would discuss the results with you in person and advice on any abnormalities picked up.

Mid-stream urine testing – £85

This is a test where a sample of urine is taken to see which bacteria grow and which antibiotic they are sensitive to. This is a good test if you are suffering from frequent urine infections, or persistent symptoms despite adequate antibiotic treatment, or in the case of men where urinary tract infections are less common. This test allows us to tailor the antibiotic treatment according to what the organism is sensitive towards. Prior to the test we recommend a consultation with the doctor as often treatment is recommended based on clinical symptoms and initial urine dipstick carried out during the consultation.

Full sexual health screen – £295

This package allows complete piece of mind for individuals who have doubt about their previous sexual history or may have recently had unprotected Sexual Intercourse. It also is a good health screen to have prior to embarking on a new relationship or if you are concerned about any abnormal discharge or pelvic pains. A consultation is often necessary to work out your risk of STI (sexually transmitted infection), allow examination and prescription of medication if clinical suspicion of STI is high.

Thyroid function testing – £95

The thyroid gland sits at the base of the neck and is responsible for the production of the hormone thyroxine. Imbalances in this hormone can occur due to a number of factors including pregnancy, dietary deficiencies, autoimmune conditions, infections etc. High levels of thyroxine can lead to anxiety, palpitations sweats, diahorrhea, tachycardia and possibly weight loss.

Low levels of thyroxine can lead to tiredness, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, dry skin etc. As thyroid disorders are relatively common and easily managed, detection is paramount importance and thyroid function tests allow us to see how well your thyroid gland is functioning.

Vitamin D level testing – £95

In the UK low levels of vitamin D are becoming increasingly more common due to low levels of sunshine and dietary deficiencies.

Low vitamin D can present with general tiredness, non specific muscle aches and pains as well as being related to low bone density and medical problems like osteoporosis and increased likelihood of fractures.

A blood test level can ascertain if you are deficient and also allow us to recommend a period of supplementation with high does Vitamin D based on your results. We will also recommend and organise repeat testing after a period of supplementation.

B12 Vitamin

B12 vitamin deficiencies often lead to low levels of energy and easy fatigue, they can also present with physical symptoms of shortness of breath, heart racing, and muscle aches. Testing allows us to see whether you are deficient and results can be used to recommend B12 supplementation or injections for immediate energy and boost of B12 levels.