Blood Test Prices A-Z

Blood TestCodeDuration
Allergy Profile 10 (Insects)10A2 days
HLA DQ Alpha Antigens10RF2 weeks
Allergy Profile 11 (Combined Shellfish/Finfish)11A2 days
HLA DQ Beta Antigens11RF2 weeks
Allergy Profile 12 (Milk & Milk Proteins)12A2 days
Allergy Profile 13 (Stone fruit/Rosaceae family)13A2 days
NK Assay Endometrial Biopsy (tissue)15RF2 weeks
NK Assay Panel?+?Intralipids16RF1 week
17 Hydroxyprogesterone17OH5 days
KIR (Killer-like Immunoglobulin-like Receptors) Genotyping17RF2-3 weeks
Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS) 8-786C mutation18RF2 weeks
Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS) G894T (Glu294Asp) mutation19RF2 weeks
Allergy Profile 1 (Food & Inhalants)1A2 days
TH1/TH2 cytokine profile1TH2Send Mon-Thurs only
Allergy Profile 2 (Inhalants)2A2 days
Allergy Profile 3 (Food)3A2 days
Reproductive Immunophenotype Panel3RF1 week
Allergy Profile 4 (Nuts & Seeds)4A2 days
NK Assay/Cytotoxicity Panel4RF1 week
Allergy Profile 5 (Children’s Panel)5A2 days
NK Assay Follow-Up Panel5RF1 week
NK (CD69) and NK Cytotoxicity69CSend Mon-Thurs only
NK Cytotoxicity with suppression with steroid, IVIg and intralipin, and NK (CD69) cell assay 69CISend Mon-Thurs only
Allergy Profile 6 (Shellfish)6A2 days
TH1/TH2 Cytokine Ratio6RF1 week
Allergy Profile 7 (Finfish)7A2 days
Leucocyte Antibody Detection MALE7RF1 week
Allergy Profile 8 (Cereal – singles)8A2 days
Leucocyte Antibody Detection FEMALE8RF1 week
Allergy Profile 9 (Antibiotics)9A2 days
HLA DR Antigens9RF2 weeks
Antithrombin IllA1113 days
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin (Stool)A1AF10 days
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin (Serum)A1AT1 day
Atypical Antibody Screen (handwritten tube label)AASC2 days
Hepatitis A, B & C Profile ABC4 hrs
Amniocentesis – rapid BOBs aneuploidy diagnosis for all chromosomes (5 days) + culture (10-15 days)ABK5-15 days
Blood Group †ABO2 days
Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgG+IgM)ACAB2 days
Angiotensin Converting EnzymeACE4 hrs
ACTH (Adreno Corticotrophic Hormone)ACTH1 day
Adrenal Cortex AntibodiesACTX2 days
Adenovirus Antibodies (CFT) IgGADAB2 days
Endomysial Antibodies (IgA)AEAB2 days
Amoebic (E. histolytica) AntibodiesAFAT2 days
Alpha Feto ProteinAFP4 hrs
Gliadin Antibodies (IgA + IgG)AGAB2 days
Glomerular Basement Membrane AbsAGBM2 days
Acute Viral Hepatitis ScreenAHSC4 hrs
Hepatitis (Acute) ScreenAHSC4 hrs
AlbuminALB4 hrs
Alcohol (Medical)ALCO4 hrs
Alcohol Profile 2ALCP3 days
AldosteroneALDN5 days
AldolaseALDO5 days
Eczema Provoking ProfileALEC2 days
Allergy – Individual AllergensALLE2 days
Allergy Profile (Mediterranean)ALMD2 days
Allergy Profile (Middle East)ALME2 days
Alkaline PhosphataseALP4 hrs
Rhinitis Provoking ProfileALRN2 days
ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase)ALT4 hrs
Allergy Profile (UK)ALUK2 days
AluminiumALUM7 days
Amoebic (E. histolytica) AntigenAMAG2 days
Amenorrhoea ProfileAMEN4 hrs
Antimullerian Hormone (Elecsys/Roche)AMH4 hrs
Amikacin Level (State dose)AMIK4 hrs
Amino Acid (Serum/Plasma)AMIN7 days
Mitochondrial AntibodiesAMIT2 days
AmmoniaAMMO4 hrs
AmitriptylineAMTR5 days
AmylaseAMY4 hrs
Antinuclear Antibodies (titre & pattern)ANAB2 days
Anaemia ProfileANAE2 days
ANCA (Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Abs)ANCA2 days
Andropause ProfileANDP8 hrs
AndrostenedioneANDR1 day
Antenatal ProfileANTE3 days
Alcohol ProfileAP3 days
Activated Protein C ResistanceAPCR3 days
Apolipoprotein E genotype – E2, E3, E4APEG5 days
Apolipoprotein A1 (12 hrs fasting)APOA3 days
Apolipoprotein B (12 hrs fasting)APOB3 days
Apolipoprotein EAPOE5 days
Atypical Pneumonia ScreenAPS2 days
Pneumonia (Atypical) ScreenAPS2 days
Reticulin Antibodies (IgA)ARAB2 days
Arsenic (Blood)ARS5 days
Arsenic (Urine)ARSE5 days
Sperm Antibodies (Serum)ASAB5 days
Antistreptolysin Titre/ASOTASLT2 days
Smooth Muscle AntibodiesASMO2 days
Sperm Antibodies?/MAR Test (Semen)ASPA1 day
Aspergillus PrecipitinsASPP5 days
Antistaphylolysin Titre (SGOT)ASTT2 days
Hepatitis B sAgAUAG4 hrs
Autoantibody Profile IAUTO2 days
Vitamin B12 (Active)B121 day
B12 (Active)/Red Cell FolateB12F2 days
Vitamin B12 (Active)?/?Red Cell FolateB12F2 days
Beta 2 Microglobulin (Serum)B2MG2 days
Blood CultureBCUL5 days +
Hepatitis B (PCR) GenotypeBGEN7 days
Bilharzia (Schistosome) Antibody ScreenBILH2 days
Schistosome (Bilharzia) AntibodiesBILH2 days
Bilirubin (Total/Indirect/Conjugated)BILI4 hrs
BismuthBISM5 days
BNP (NT-pro BNP)BNP4 hrs
Bone Screen (Bloods only)BON24 hrs
Bone ScreenBONE4 hrs
Borrelia Confirmation (Immunoblot)BORC10 days
Borrelia Antibodies (Lyme Disease) IgMBORM2 days
Lyme Disease (Borrelia Abs) IgMBORM2 days
Borrelia Antibodies (Lyme Disease) IgG, IgM BORR2 days
Lyme Disease (Borrelia Abs) IgG, IgM BORR2 days
Brucella ConfirmationBRUC2-3 weeks
CA 125C1254 hrs
CA 15-3C1534 hrs
CA 19-9C1994 hrs
C1 Esterase InhibitorC1EI5 days
C3 ComplementC34 hrs
C4 ComplementC44 hrs
CalciumCA4 hrs
CA 50CA505 days
Centromere AutoantibodiesCAB2 days
Calcium/Creatinine RatioCACR4 hrs
CadmiumCADM5 days
CalprotectinCALP5 days
Carbamazepine (Tegretol)CARB4 hrs
Tegretol (Carbamazepine)CARB4 hrs
Category 1CAT1from 3-5 days
Category 2CAT2from 3-5 days
Category 3CAT3from 3-5 days
Category 4CAT4from 3-5 days
Category 5CAT5from 3-5 days
Catecholamines (Plasma)CATE5 days
Fluid CytologyCATF3 days
CalcitoninCATO1 day
Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (Urine)CCG2 days
Anti CCP Antibodies (RF)CCP2 days
CCP Antibodies (RF)CCP2 days
CD16CD161 day
CD19 B CellsCD191 day
CD20CD202 days
CD25CD252 days
CD5 T+B CellsCD51 day
CD56CD561 day
CD69/CD16/CD56 (NK Cells)CD692 days
NK (CD69) cell AssayCD69Send Mon-Thurs only
Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT)CDT3 days
Early CDT-LungCDTL7 days
Carcino Embryonic AntigenCEA4 hrs
Cardiac Enzymes (not chest pain)CENZ4 hrs
Calprotectin/Elastase ProfileCEP5 days
Elastase?/?Calprotectin ProfileCEP5 days
CeruloplasminCERU1 day
Cystic Fibrosis – 139 common mutationsCFS5 days
Hepatitis C GenotypeCGEN5 days
Gonorrhoea (Urine)CGON2 days
CH50 (Classical pathway)CH504 days
Chlamydia Species Specific Ab ScreenCHAB2 days
Anafranil (Clomipramine)CHLO7 days
Clomipramine (Anafranil)CHLO7 days
CholesterolCHO4 hrs
Cholinesterase (Serum/Pseudo)CHPS3 days
Cholinesterase (Blood)CHRC5 days
Chromium (Blood)CHRO5 days
CK (MB Fraction)CKMB4 hrs
Creatine Kinase (CK, CPK) CKNA4 hrs
ChlorideCL4 hrs
ClobazamCLOB5 days
ClonazepamCLON7 days
Clostridium Difficile ToxinCLOS2 days
Coagulation Profile 2CLOT4 hrs
Coagulation Profile 1CLPF4 hrs
Cytomegalovirus AvidityCMAV10 days
Cytomegalovirus (IgG/IgM) AntibodiesCMV4 hrs
Cytomegalovirus IgMCMVM4 hrs
Cytomegalovirus DNA (PCR)CMVP5 days
Cytomegalovirus (PCR)CMVU5 days
Cobalt (Blood)COB5 days
Cobalt (Urine)COBA5 days
Cobalt (Serum)COBB5 days
C3/C4 ComplementCOMP4 hrs
Paternity Testing (postnatal and prenatal) – sample required from each person being tested (3 people)Contact Lab5 days
Coombs (Direct Antiglobulin Test) (Handwritten tube label)COOM2 days
Direct Antiglobulin Test (Coombs) (Handwritten tube label)COOM2 days
Copper (Serum)COPP5 days
CortisolCORT4 hrs
Cotinine (Serum)COT2 days
Cotinine (Urine)COTT2 days
Chlamydia (Urine)CPCR2 days
C PeptideCPEP3 days
Chest Pain ProfileCPPSTAT
Creatinine ClearanceCRCL4 hrs
CreatinineCREA4 hrs
C Reactive ProteinCRP4 hrs
Cryptosporidium Antigen DetectionCRPA1 day
CryptosporidiumCRPO2 days
Cryptococcal AntigenCRYC1 day
CryoglobulinsCRYO10 days
CSF for Microscopy and CultureCSF2-3 days
Oligoclonal BandsCSFO5 days
Histamine Releasing Urticaria TestCURT10-14 days
Urticaria Test (Histamine Releasing)CURT10-14 days
Cyfra 21-1CY214 days
Cyclosporin (Monoclonal)CYCL1 day
Vitamin D (1, 25 Dihydroxy) D35-8 days
1,25 Vitamin DD35-8 days
Bilirubin (Direct/Conjugated)DBIL4 hrs
D-DimersDDIT1 day
Dengue Virus SerologyDENG5 days
DHEA SulphateDHEA4 hrs
DHEADHEX7-10 days
DihydrotestosteroneDHT7 days
Diabetic Profile 2DIA22 days
Diabetic Profile 1DIAB8 hrs
Diazepam (Valium)DIAZ7 days
Valium (Diazepam)DIAZ7 days
DigoxinDIGO4 hrs
DL1 Biochemistry ProfileDL14 hrs
DL10 Cardiovascular Risk Profile 1DL103 days
DL11 Cardiovascular Risk Profile 2DL113 days
DL12 7 STI Profile by PCR (7 PCR Tests from 1 sample)DL122 days
DL1L Biochemistry ProfileDL1L4 hrs
DL2 Biochemistry (24 Parameters) & Haematology ProfileDL24 hrs
DL2L Biochemistry (24 Parameters) & Haematology ProfileDL2L4 hrs
DL3 Haematology ProfileDL34 hrs
DL4 Biochemistry (16 Parameters) & Haematology ProfileDL44 hrs
DL4L Biochemistry (16 Parameters) & Haematology ProfileDL4L4 hrs
DL5 Biochemistry & Haematology Postal ProfileDL54 hrs
DL5L Biochemistry & Haematology Postal ProfileDL5L4 hrs
DL6 General Well Person ProfileDL64 hrs
DL6L General Well Person ProfileDL6L4 hrs
DL7 Well Man ProfileDL74 hrs
DL7L Well Man ProfileDL7L4 hrs
DL8 Well Woman ProfileDL82 days
DL8L Well Woman ProfileDL8L2 days
DL9F Senior Female Profile 60+DL9F2 days
DL9M Senior Male Profile 60+DL9M2 days
Nucleic Acid Antigen AntibodiesDNA2 days
DNA (Double Stranded) AntibodiesDNAA2 days
Hepatitis B DNA (Viral load)DNAB5 days
DNA (Single Stranded) AntibodiesDNAS5 days
Drugs of Abuse Profile – Random Urine Sample?/?No Chain of CustodyDOA2 days (5 days with GCMS confirmation)
Drugs of Abuse Profile – Random Urine Sample?/?No Chain of Custody with AlcoholDOA32 days (5 days with GCMS confirmation)
Drugs of Abuse from Hair samples – with Chain of CustodyDOAH21 days
Drugs of Abuse Profile – With Chain of CustodyDOAL2 days (5 days with GCMS confirmation)
Drugs of Abuse Profile – Without Chain of CustodyDOAN2 days (5 days with GCMS confirmation)
Drugs of Abuse from Blood – without Chain of CustodyDOAP5 days
Doxepin Level (Sinequan)DOXE10 days
Sinequan (Doxepin)DOXE10 days
Deoxypyridinoline (DPD) – UrineDPD4 days
PropoxypheneDPRO5 days
Hepatitis Delta RNADRNA5 days
Down Syndrome Risk Profile (2nd trimester) QuadDRP2 days
Down Syndrome Risk Profile with risk calculation first trimesterDRP2 days
Phencyclidine (PCP)DUST5 days
DVT/Pre-travel ScreenDVT15 days
Pre-Travel Screen (DVT)DVT15 days
OestroneE14 days
Oestriol (Estriol)E34 days
Epstein-Barr Virus Antibodies IgG/IgMEBVA2 days
Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV-DNA)EBVQ7 days
ECGECG2 days
Essential Fatty Acid Profile (Red Cell)EFAR5-7 days
Echinococcus (Hydatid) AntibodiesEFAT2 days
Elastase (Faecal)ELAS5 days
Faecal ElastaseELAS5 days
ElectrolytesELEC4 hrs
ELF/Enhanced Liver FibrosisELF6 days
Liver Fibrosis (Enhanced Liver Fibrosis ELF)ELF6 days
Extractable Nuclear Antibodies (nRNP, Sm, Ro ,La, Jo1, Scl70) ENA2 days
Autoantibody Profile IIENDO2 days
Enterovirus by PCRENPC5 days
Enterovirus ScreenENTO2 days
Enteric Organism Rapid DetectionEORD2 days
ErythropoietinERY4 days
EthosuximideETHO7 days
Factor IX AssayF1X5 days
Factor XIII AssayFA135 days
Factor VII AssayFAC75 days
Factor VIII AssayFAC85 days
Full Blood CountFBC4 hrs
Fast CT/NG UrineFCG4 hrs
Fast Chlamydia UrineFCT4 hrs
IronFE4 hrs
FerritinFERR4 hrs
Fast Gonorrhoea UrineFGN4 hrs
Fast Chlamydia SwabFGN4 hrs
Filaria AntigenFIAG4 days
FibrinogenFIB4 hrs
Fibrotest (Liver Fibrosis)FIBT2 weeks
Liver Fibrosis FibrotestFIBT2 weeks
Filaria (Lymphatic and Non-Lymphatic) AntibodiesFIFA10 days
Blood Film ExaminationFILM4 hrs
Female Hormone ProfileFIP4 hrs
Insulin Resistance (Fasting)FIRI4 hrs
FK506 (Tacrolimus/Prograf)FK51-2 days
Tacrolimus/Prograf (FK506)FK51-2 days
Insect/Worm/Ova/CystsFLEA5 days
Flecainide (Tambocor)FLEC5 days
Fluid for CrystalsFLU21 day
Synovial Fluid (For Crystals)FLU21 day
Fluid CultureFLUD2-7 days
Pleural Fluid for CultureFLUP2 days
Faecal Occult Blood/FOB (immunochemical/FIT)FOB1 day
Folate (Serum)FOLA1 day
Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) – SerumFOLA1 day
Food MicrobiologyFOOD10 days
Porphyrins (Faeces)FPOR15 days
Protein S Free AgFPRS3 days
Antioxidant Status (total/activity)FRAD7 days
Fast CT/NG Rectal SwabFRCG4 hrs
FructosamineFRUC3 days
Fast CT/NG SwabFSCG4 hrs
Fast Gonorrhoea SwabFSGN4 hrs
Fast Screen ShortFSSC4 hrs
Fast Screen SwabFSWS4 hrs
Free T3FT34 hrs
Free T4FT44 hrs
FTA (IgG)FTA2 days
Fast CT/NG Throat SwabFTCG4 hrs
Testosterone (Free)FTES3 days
Fungal ID + SensFUID14 days
Faecal UrobilinogenFURO5 days
Fast Screen UrineFUSC4 hrs
Von Willebrand ProfileFVWF5 days
Factor X AssayFX5 days
Factor XI AssayFX15 days
Factor XII AssayFX115 days
Factor II Prothrombin GeneFX25 days
Factor V LeidenFX55 days
G6PDG6PD5 days
GabapentinGABA5 days
Ganglioside GM1, GD1B, GQ1B Abs GANG5 days
Gastric Parietal AutoantibodiesGASP2 days
Group B StrepGBS3 days
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Genotype – PI*M, PI*S, PI*ZGENE3 weeks
Breast/Ovarian Cancer – BRCA1 + BRCA2 full screening + deletions/duplicationsGENE3 weeks
Breast/Ovarian Cancer NGS Panel – full sequencing across 39 genes + deletions/duplicationsGENE6 weeks
Cholesterol (Familial Hypercholesterolaemia)GENE4 weeks
Familial Hypercholesterolaemia – comprehensive LDLR + APOB + PCSK9 + LDLRAP1 sequencingGENE4 weeks
Fragile X Syndrome screen – FMR1 repeat analysis PCR (3 weeks) + Southern Blot (8 weeks) if requiredGENE3-8 weeks
Jewish Carrier ScreenGENE4 weeks
MTHFR – common C677T + A1298C mutationsGENE3 weeks
Tay Sachs Screen – 5 common mutationsGENE3 weeks
Gentamicin AssayGENT4 hrs
Gamma GTGGT4 hrs
Growth Hormone (Fasting)GH4 hrs
Glycosylated HBGHB6 hrs
HbA1cGHB6 hrs
Giardia Antigen (Fresh Stool)GIAG2 days
GlobulinGLOB4 hrs
Gonorrhoea (Culture)GONN2-3 days
Male Genetic Reproductive ProfileGRP15 days
Coeliac/Gluten Sensitivity ProfileGSA2 days
Gluten Sensitivity EvaluationGSA2 days
Coeliac/Gluten Profile 2GSA210 days
Gluten/Coeliac Profile 2GSA210 days
Coeliac Disease Profile 3GSA310 days
Coeliac/Gluten Profile 3GSA310 days
Gluten/Coeliac Profile 3GSA310 days
Glucose Tolerance TestGTT4 hrs
Glucose Tolerance Test (Short)GTT34 hrs
Glucose Tolerance Test (Extended)GTTE4 hrs
Glucose Tolerance + InsulinGTTI4 hrs
Glucose Tolerance (2 hrs)GTTS4 hrs
Gardnerella vaginalis by PCRGVPC5 days
H1N1 (Swine Flu)H1N11 day
Hepatitis A Immunity (IgG)HAIM4 hrs
Drugs of Abuse from Hair samples – without Chain of CustodyHAIN21 days
Hepatitis A (IgM)HAVM4 hrs
HaemoglobinHB4 hrs
H. pylori Antigen (Stool)HBAG3 days
Hepatitis B Core Antibody – TotalHBC4 hrs
Hepatitis B Core Antibody – IgMHBCM4 hrs
Hepatitis E IgG/IgMHBE5 days
Haemoglobin ElectrophoresisHBEL4 days
Hepatitis B ImmunityHBIM4 hrs
H. pylori Antibodies (IgG)HBPA2 days
H. pylori Antigen (QUICK Breath Test)HBQT2 days
Hepatitis B Resistant MutationHBRM7 days
Hepatitis C Antigen (Early detection)HCAG4 hrs
Down Syndrome Risk Bloods only (Risk to be calculated by clinician)HCGF/PAPA4 hrs
First Trimester Antenatal ScreenHCGF/PAPA4 hrs
Beta HCG (Oncology)HCGQ4 hrs
BicarbonateHCO34 hrs
C Reactive Protein (High Sensitivity)HCRP4 hrs
Hepatitis Delta AntigenHDAG5 days
HDL CholesterolHDL4 hrs
HIV 1 & 2/p24AgHDUO4 hrs
HIV Screening: HIV1&2 Abs/p24 AgHDUO4 hrs
HE4 + ROMAHE41 day
Hepatitis A ProfileHEPA4 hrs
Hepatitis B ProfileHEPB4 hrs
Hepatitis C AntibodiesHEPC4 hrs
Hepatitis Delta AntibodyHEPD5 days
Hepatitis B ‘e’ Antigen and AntibodyHEPE4 hrs
Hepatitis G (PCR)HEPG2 weeks
Herpes Simplex I/II by PCRHERD5 days
Herpes Simplex I/II IgMHERM2 days
Herpes I/II Antibody Profile (IgG)HERP2 days
Herpes Simplex I/II by PCR (Swab)HERS5 days
Herpes Simplex I/II from symptomatic lesionHERS5 days
Human Herpes Virus – 8 (IgG)HHV810 days
Haemophilus Influenzae B AntibodiesHINF7 days
Hirsutism ProfileHIRP4 hrs
HIV 2 Quantitation (viral load by PCR)HIV25 days
HIV Confirmation of Positive Screens (Using 3 methodologies)HIVC1 day
HIV Drug Resistance GenotypingHIVD7 days
Hair Mineral AnalysisHMA10 days
Haemochromatosis – HFE common mutations C282Y+H63DHMD3 days
HFE gene (Haemochromatosis) – common mutations C282Y + H63DHMD3 days
Homocysteine (Quantitative)HOMO1 day
HPV (individual low & high risk DNA subtypes)HP205 days
HPV Typed DNAHP205 days
HPV (HR DNA type 16, 18 + others) HPV2 days
HPV DNA types 16, 18 + collective reporting of 12 other High Risk DNA subtypesHPV2 days
HPV DNA types 16, 18 + all other High Risk DNA subtypesHPV2 days
HPV mRNA onlyHPVR3 days
HPV (DNA and reflexed mRNA) by PCRHPVT5 days
HRT Profile 1HRT4 hrs
HRT Profile 2HRT24 hrs
NK Cytotoxicity AssayHSNKSend Mon-Thurs only
Human Herpes Virus – 6 (IgG/IgM) AbHSV62 days
HTLV 1&2 Abs. (Human T Lymphotropic Virus Type I-II)HTLV8 hrs
HVS (inc. Mycoplasma + Ureaplasma)HVS2-3 days
Islet Cell AntibodiesICAB2 days
HIV 1 Quantitation (viral load by PCR)IDSQ5 days
Intrinsic Factor AntibodiesIFAB2 days
Immunoglobulin AIGA4 hrs
IgE (Total)IGE1 day
Immunoglobulin E – TotalIGE1 day
Total IgEIGE1 day
IGF-BP3IGF35 days
Immunoglobulin GIGG4 hrs
Immunoglobulin MIGM4 hrs
IgG SubclassesIGSC4 days
Interleukin 10IL101-2 weeks
Interleukin 2IL21-2 weeks
Interleukin 4IL41-2 weeks
Interleukin 6IL61-2 weeks
Interleukin 8IL81-2 weeks
Interleukin 1 BetaILB1-2 weeks
ImipramineIMIP4 days
Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM, IgA) IMM4 hrs
Erectile Dysfunction ProfileIMPO3 days
Impotence ProfileIMPO3 days
Insulin AntibodiesINAB5 days
Influenza ScreenINFL2 days
Inhibin BINIB5 days
InsulinINSU4 hrs
Iron Overload ProfileIOP3 days
ISAC PanelISAC3 days
Iron Status ProfileISP4 hrs
IUCD for CultureIUCD10 days
JAK 2 – V617F common mutationJAK210 days
PotassiumK4 hrs
Chromosome Analysis (Blood)KARY5-15 days
Lactate (Plasma)LACT1 day
Alcohol (Legal) Police Blood SampleLALC3 weeks
LamotrigineLAMO5 days
Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)LDH4 hrs
Lead (Blood)LEAD5 days
Lead Profile (Hb, ZPP, Lead)LEAZ3-5 days
Legionella Urine AntigenLEGA1 day
Legionella AntibodiesLEGO2 days
Leishmania Blood FilmLEIF8 hrs
Leishmania AntibodiesLEIS2 days
Levetiracetam (Keppra)LEVE3 days
Liver Function TestsLFT4 hrs
Luteinising Hormone (LH)LH4 hrs
LipaseLIPA4 hrs
Lipid ProfileLIPP4 hrs
Lithium (take 12 hrs after dose)LITH4 hrs
Liver Kidney Microsomal AntibodiesLKM2 days
LorazepamLORA10 days
Lipoprotein (a)LPOA4 hrs
Anti Sla (Soluble Liver Antigen) AbsLSA10 days
Lactose Tolerance TestLTT8 hrs
Hughes SyndromeLUPA2 days
Lupus Anticoagulant and Anticardiolipin AbsLUPA2 days
Lupus Anticoagulant onlyLUPC2 days
Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping (Leukaemia)LYPT5 days
CD3/CD4/CD8LYSS1 day
Lymphocyte Subsets (CD3/CD4/CD8)LYSS2 days
Malarial Antibodies (Pl. falciparum)MALA2 days
Malarial ParasitesMALPSTAT
Manganese (Serum)MANG5 days
Measles Antibodies (IgM)MEAM2 days
Measles Antibodies (IgG) ImmunityMEAS1 day
Meningococcal AbsMENI2-4 weeks
Menopause ProfileMENO4 hrs
Mercury (Blood)MERC5 days
MethaqualoneMETQ5 days
Metronidazole LevelMETR7 days
Metabolic Syndrome ProfileMETS9 days
MethotrexateMETX2 days
MagnesiumMG4 hrs
Mycoplasma genitalium by PCRMGEN5 days
Microfilaria Blood FilmMICFSTAT
Mineral ScreenMINE5 days
Male Hormone ProfileMIPR4 hrs
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) MMR1 day
Myeloperoxidase AntibodiesMPO2 days
Male Recurrent Miscarriage ProfileMRMP15 days
Sperm Morphology (Kruger strict criteria)MRPH2 days
MRSA (Rapid PCR) one swab per siteMRSA4 hrs
MRSA Culture one swab per siteMRSW2 days
MTHFR – common C677T mutationMTHF5 days
Mumps Antibodies (IgM)MUMM1 day
Mumps Antibodies (IgG)MUMP1 day
Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM and IgGMYCO2 days
Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma CultureMYCS2-3 days
Ureaplasma/Mycoplasma CultureMYCS2-3 days
Myeloma ScreenMYEL3 days
Myositis PanelMYOS5 days
SodiumNA4 hrs
Suppression with steroid, IVIg and intralipin, NK (CD69) cell assay, TH1/TH2 cytokinesNCITSend Mon-Thurs only
Neuronal Antibody (Hu, Ri, Yo, Cv2, Ma2) NEUR5 days
Nickel (Serum)NICK5 days
NickelNICU5 days
Harmony™ Prenatal Test (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) – common aneuploidy screening from maternal bloodNIPTup to 10 days
Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing – common aneuploidy screening from maternal bloodNIPTup to 10 days
Natural Killer ProfileNK12 days
NK Cytotoxicity w. suppression, steroid, IVIg & IntralipinNKCYSend Mon-Thurs only
Neurone Specific EnolaseNSE5 days
Needle Stick Injury ProfileNSI4 hrs
Neurological Viral ScreenNVIR2 days
Stool for OVA Cysts & ParasitesOCP1 day
Oestradiol (E2)OEST4 hrs
Food Handler Screen 1OFH12 days
Food Handler Screen 2OFH22 days
Food Handler Screen 3OFH32 days
OlanzapineOLAN5 days
Omega 3/Omega 6OMG34 days
Osteoporosis ScreenOPS4 days
Osmolality (Serum)OSMO1 day
OsteocalcinOST4 days
Ovarian AutoantibodiesOVAB2 days
PAI1 4G/5G PolymorphismPAIP10 days
PAP – Thin Prep (Cervical Cytology)PAPT2-3 days
ParacetamolPARA4 hrs
Parvovirus IgG AntibodiesPARG2 days
Parvovirus IgG/IgM AbsPARP2 days
Parvovirus Antibodies (IgM)PARV2 days
Paul Bunnell (Monospot)PAUL8 hrs
PCA3 (Molecular test for the detection of prostate cancer from urine)PCA37 days
ProcalcitoninPCAL1 day
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ProfilePCOP5 days
Pneumocystis ExaminationPCYS1 day
Pertussis by PCRPERP5 days
Pertussis (Whooping Cough) AntibodiesPERS5 days
PhenobarbitonePHB4 hrs
Epanutin (Phenytoin)PHEN4 hrs
Phenytoin (Epanutin)PHEN4 hrs
PhosphatePHOS4 hrs
Pituitary Function ProfilePITF1 day
Lp-PLA2 (PLAC) TestPLA22 days
PLAC Test (Lp-PLA2)PLA22 days
Phospholipid AntibodiesPLIP2 days
Platelet CountPLTS4 hrs
Metanephrines (Plasma)PMET7 days
Semen LeucocytesPMNS2 days
Pneumococcal AntigenPNAG1 day
Pneumococcal Antibody ScreenPNEU7 days
Polio Virus 1, 2, 3 Antibodies POLO5 days
Porphyrin (Blood)PORP15 days
Porphyrins Screen (Total:?Urine, Stool, Blood)PORS15 days
Screening Profile 1 – BiochemistryPP14 hrs
Cardiovascular Risk Profile 1PP103 days
Screening Profile 10 – Cardiovascular Risk 1PP103 days
Cardiovascular Risk Profile 2PP113 days
Screening Profile 11 – Cardiovascular Risk 2PP113 days
7 STI’s by PCRPP122 days
Screening Profile 12 – Sexual Health ScreenPP122 days
Sexual Health ScreenPP122 days
Screening Profile 2 – Haematology/BiochemistryPP24 hrs
Haematology ProfilePP34 hrs
Screening Profile 3 – HaematologyPP34 hrs
Screening Profile 4 – Haematology/Biochemistry (Short)PP44 hrs
Screening Profile 5 – Haematology/Biochemistry (Postal)PP54 hrs
Screening Profile 6 – Well PersonPP64 hrs
Screening Profile 7 – Well ManPP74 hrs
Screening Profile 8 – Well WomanPP84 hrs
Screening Profile 9F – Senior FemalePP9F2 days
Screening Profile 9M – Senior MalePP9M2 days
Prostate Profile (Total & Free PSA)PR24 hrs
Proteinase 3 AbPR32 days
Protein CPRC3 days
Pregnancy Test (Urine)PREG4 hrs
PregnenolonePREN5 days
Mysoline (Primidone)PRIM3 days
Primidone (Mysoline)PRIM3 days
MacroprolactinPRLD4 days
Prolactin (Macro)PRLD4 days
PropanalolPRO7 days
ProgesteronePROG4 hrs
ProinsulinPROI5 days
ProlactinPROL4 hrs
Miscarriage/Thrombotic Risk ProfilePROP5 days
Thrombotic Risk ProfilePROP5 days
Protein Total (Blood)PROT4 hrs
Fluoxetine (Prozac)PROZ5 days
Protein ElectrophoresisPRTE2-4 days
Prostate Specific Antigen (Total)*PSPA4 hrs
Prothrombin Time + DosePT+D4 hrs
Parathyroid Hormone (Whole)PTHI1 day
Prothrombin TimePTIM4 hrs
Post-Travel Screen 1PTS10 days
Post-Travel Screen 2PTS210 days
Semen Analysis, Post-Vasectomy** PVAS2 days
Coeliac Disease – HLA DQ2/DQ8 GenotypeQ2Q810 days
Q Fever (C Burnetti) AntibodiesQFEV3 days
Beta HCG (Quantitative)QHCG4 hrs
Pregnancy (Serum) [Quantitative]QHCG4 hrs
Hepatitis C Quantification (Viral Load)QPCR5 days
Rabies AntibodyRABI10 days
Rapid Strep (incl. m/c/s)RAPS2 days**
Folate (Red Cell)RBCF2 days
Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) – Red cellRBCF2 days
Zinc (Blood)RBCZ5 days
GlucoseRBG4 hrs
Bence-Jones ProteinRBJP5 days
Magnesium (Blood)RCMG4 days
ReninRENI5 days
Respiratory Viral ScreenRESP2 days
Reticulocyte CountRETC4 hrs
Rheumatoid Factor (Latex Test)RF1 day
Rheumatology Profile 1 (Screen)RH2 days
Rheumatology Profile 2 (Connective tissue)RH23 days
Rheumatology Profile 3 (Rheumatoid/Basic)RH32 days
Rheumatology Profile 4 (Systemic Lupus)RH42 days
Rheumatology Profile 5 (Mono Arthritis)RH53 days
Rheumatology Profile 6 (Rheumatoid Plus)RH62 days
Rheumatology Profile 7 (Srogren’s syndrome)RH72 days
Sjrogren’s SyndromeRH72 days
Anti-Ri AntibodiesRIAB3 days
Hepatitis C Abs Confirmation (RIBA)RIBA5 days
Rickettsial Species AntibodiesRICK2 days
RisperidoneRISP7 days
Mineral Screen – Whole bloodRMIN5 days
Recurrent Miscarriage Profile (Female)RMP10-15 days
Osmolality (Urine)ROSM1 day
Rotavirus in StoolROTA8 hrs
Porphyrins Screen (Urine)RPOR15 days
Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (Rectal)RSCG2 days
Gall Stone AnalysisRSTA10 days
Renal Stone AnalysisRSTA10 days
Respiratory Synctial VirusRSV2 days
Reverse T3RT310 days
T3 (Reverse)RT310 days
Retrograde EjaculationRTRO2 days
5 HIAARU5H5 days
Rubella Antibody (IgG)RUBE4 hrs
Rubella Antibody (IgM)RUBM4 hrs
Rubella Virus – RNA by PCRRUBP5 days
S100 Malignant MelanomaS1004 days
Salivary Duct AntibodiesSAB2 days
SalicylatesSALI4 hrs
Steroid Cell AntibodySCA2 days
Squamous Cell CarcinomaSCC4 days
Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (PCR Swab)SCG2 days
Crosslaps (Serum DPD)SDPD4 days
Deoxypyridinoline (DPD) – SerumSDPD4 days
Selenium (Serum)SELE4 days
Sellotape TestSELL1 day
Selenium (Blood)SELR4 days
Syphilis IgG/IgMSERJ4 hrs
SerotoninSERT10 days
Sperm DNA Fragmentation (SCSA)SEXT2-3 weeks
Gonorrhoea (PCR swab)SGON2 days
Bilharzia (Schistosome) AntigenSHAG3 weeks
Schistosome AntigenSHAG3 weeks
Sex Hormone Binding GlobulinSHBG4 hrs
Shigella AbsSHIG5 days
Sickle CellsSICK4 days
Silver (Blood)SILV5 days
SirolimusSIRO3 days
Pemphigus/Pemphigoid AutoantibodiesSKAB2 days
Skin (Pemphigus/Pemphigoid) AutoantibodiesSKAB2 days
Mycology/Skin ScrapingsSKSC3-4 weeks
Nail ClippingsSKSC3-4 weeks
Skin Scrapings/MycologySKSC3-4 weeks
Myoglobin (Serum)SMYO4 hrs
IGF-1 (Somatomedin)SOMA1 day
Somatomedin (IGF-1)SOMA1 day
Stool for OCP and CultureSPAR2-3 days
Semen FructoseSPCF2 days
Chlamydia (PCR swab)SPCR2 days
Semen CultureSPCU2-3 days
Semen Analysis, Comprehensive SPER2 days*
Semen Analysis, Vasectomy Reversal SPER2 days*
Semen ParametersSPOD1 day
Sports/Performance ProfileSPOR5 days
Sperm Aneuploidy (FISH)SPPL4-6 weeks
Sputum for Routine CultureSPU12-3 days
Sputum for TB Culture (AFB)SPU2up to 8 weeks
TB CultureSPU2up to 8 weeks
Oxidative Stress in Semen (ROS)SROS1 day
STD1 Male ProfileSTD12 days
STD2 Male Profile PlusSTD24 days
STD3 Female ProfileSTD32 days
STD4 Female Profile PlusSTD44 days
STD5 Bloods onlySTD54 hrs
STD6 Bloods only without HIVSTD64 hrs
STD8 Vaginitis?/?BV ProfileSTD83 days
STD9 Symptomatic Lesion Sample using PCR SwabSTD97 days
STD QuadSTDQ2 days
Early Detection Screen (10 days post exposure)STDX3 days
HIV/HBV/HCV (Early detection by PCR)STDX3 days
Striated/Skeletal Muscle AntibodySTRA2 days
Streptomycin LevelsSTRM5 days
TryptaseSTRY5 days
Early Detection Screen with SyphilisSTXX3 days
HIV/HBV/HCV (Early detection by PCR) with SyphilisSTXX3 days
SulpirideSULP4 days
Swab for Culture (Any Site)SWAB2-3 days
Synacthen Stimulation TestSYNA4 hrs
Syphilis by PCR (chancre)SYPS5 days
T3T34 hrs
Thyroxine (T4)T44 hrs
Tissue Transglutaminase IgA (Coeliac)TAA2 days
Tissue Transglutaminase IgGTAAG5 days
Testicular AutoantibodiesTAB2 days
TB (pleuralfluid)TBCUup to 8 weeks
Mycobacterium tuberculosis – DNATBPC5 days
TB Quantiferon®-TB GoldTBQ3 days
TB Slopes – Confirmation and SensitivityTBSLup to 8 weeks
TB Culture (Urine)TBURup to 8 weeks
Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (Thin Prep)TCG5 days
Teicoplanin AssayTEIC5 days
TemazepamTEMA4 days
TestosteroneTEST4 hrs
Tetanus ScreenTETA5 days
Thyroid Profile 1TF4 hrs
Thyroid Profile 2TF22 days
Thyroid Profile 3TF34 hrs
Toxoplasma Antibodies (IgG+IgM)TFAM4 hrs
Faecal Fat (1 Day Collection)TFFA5 days
Thyroglobulin AssayTGA1 day
Thyroglobulin AbsTGAB1 day
Gonorrhoea (Thin Prep)TGON5 days
N. GonorrhoeaTGON5 days
Neisseria Gonorrhoea – DNATGON/SGON5 days
Thyroid Abs (incl. TGAB + TPEX)THAB1 day
TheophyllineTHEO4 hrs
Thalassaemia ScreenTHSC4 days
Iron Binding CapacityTIBC4 hrs
Tissue for cultureTISSup to 7 days
Tobramycin AssayTOBR3 days
Topiramate (Topamax)TOPI4 days
Torch ScreenTORC2 days
Chlamydia (Thin Prep)TPCR5 days
Thyroid PeroxidaseTPEX1 day
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies/Anti TPOTPEX1 day
Thiopurine Methyl TransferaseTPMT5 days
Mineral Screen and Rbc Industrial Heavy Metal Screen (Trace Metals)TRAC7-10 days
Trace Metal (Blood) ProfileTRAC7-10 days
TransferrinTRAN1 day
TriglyceridesTRI4 hrs
TrimipramineTRIM5 days
Tropical ScreenTROP10 days
Troponin TTROT4 hrs
Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (Throat)TSCG2 days
TSH-Receptor AntibodiesTSI4 days
Telomere Analysis Technology (Life Length)TSPA4 weeks
Testicular Tumour ProfileTTP4 hrs
Trichomonas vaginalis (Genital) CultureTVAG2 days
Trichomonas vaginalis by PCRTVPC5 days
Urea and ElectrolytesU/E4 hrs
Urate (Uric Acid)UA4 hrs
Uric Acid (Serum)UA4 hrs
Amino Acid Quantitative (Urine)UAAQ7 days
Alcohol (Urine)UALC4 hrs
Beta 2 Microglobulin (Urine)UB2M3 days
Bilirubin (Urine)UBIL1 day
Calcium (24 hr Urine)UCA4 hrs
Catecholamines (Urine)UCAT5 days
Urine for Microscopy and CultureUCEM1-2 days
Citrate (Urine)UCIT5 days
Cortisol (Urine)UCOR5 days
Protein/Creatinine Ratio (Urine)UCPR4 hrs
Creatinine (Urine)UCR4 hrs
Electrolytes (Urine)UELE4 hrs
Urea Electrolytes (Urine)UeLE4 hrs
Ureaplasma urealyticumUGEN5 days
Microalbumin (Urine)UMA4 hrs
Metanephrines (Urine)UMEX5 days
Urine (Microscopy Only)UMIC1 day
Oxalate (Urine)UOXA5 days
Chlamydia trachomatis by PCR (Semen)UPCR5 days
Pethidine – UrineUPET4 weeks
Phosphate (24 hr Urine)UPH4 hrs
Protein (Urine)UPRT4 hrs
CadmiumURCD5 days
Chromium (Urine)URCR5 days
Copper (Urine)URCU5 days
Urine Cytology (Urine cytology containers available from TDL Supplies)URCY2 days
UreaUREA4 hrs
MercuryURHG5 days
Magnesium (Urine)URMG1 day
LeadURPB5 days
Zinc (Urine)URZN5 days
Bilharzia (Urine)USCH8 hrs
Schistosoma (Urine)USCH8 hrs
Specific Gravity (Urine)USG8 hrs
Silver (Urine)USIL5 days
Urea (Urine)UURE4 hrs
Uric Acid (Urine)UURI4 hrs
Urobilinogen (Urine)UURO1 day
Valproic Acid (Epilim)VALP4 hrs
Vancomycin HydrochlorideVANC4 hrs
Vitamin B ProfileVBP5 days
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)VIB25 days
Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)VIB35 days
Vigabatrin (Sabril)VIGA10 days
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ProfileVIP15 days
Viral Antibody ScreenVIRA2 days
Plasma ViscosityVISC3 days
Viscosity (Plasma)VISC3 days
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)VIT15 days
Vitamin Profile 2VIT25 days
Vitamin A (Retinol)VITA5 days
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)VITB5 days
Vitamin C (Active)VITC5 days
Vitamin D (25-OH)VITD4 hrs
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)VITE5 days
Vitamin Profile 1VITS5 days
CSF – Viral PCRVPCR5 days
Eye Swabs – Viral PCRVPE4 days
Respiratory Samples – Viral PCRVPR5 days
Skin/Mucosal SwabVPSK5 days
Varicella zoster Antibodies (IgM)VZOM2 days
Varicella zoster Antibodies (IgG)VZOS1 day
DNA Extraction & Storage – 3 years (longer upon request)XDNA10 days
Chromosome Y Deletion – AZFa, AZFb, AZFc + SRYYDEL5 days
Y chromosome microdeletions – AZFa + AZFb + AZFc + SRYYDEL5 days
Zinc (Serum/Plasma)ZINC1 day
Alternaria ComponentsZZ13 days
Aspergillus ComponentsZZ23 days
Birch ComponentsZZ33 days
Brazil ComponentsZZ43 days
Cat ComponentsZZ53 days
Celery ComponentsZZ63 days
Cow’s Milk ComponentsZZ73 days
Dog ComponentsZZ83 days
Egg ComponentsZZ93 days
Fish ComponentsZZ103 days
Hazelnut ComponentsZZ113 days
House Dust Mite ComponentsZZ123 days
Latex ComponentsZZ133 days
Olive ComponentsZZ143 days
Peach ComponentsZZ153 days
Peanut ComponentsZZ163 days
Shrimp ComponentsZZ173 days
Soybean ComponentsZZ183 days
Timothy Grass ComponentsZZ193 days
Wall Pellitory ComponentsZZ203 days
Wheat ComponentsZZ213 days
PR-10 ProteinsZZ223 days
Lipid Transfer ProteinsZZ233 days
ProfilinsZZ243 days
PolcalcinsZZ253 days
Seed Storage ProteinsZZ263 days
Glycan DeterminantsZZ273 days
LipocalinsZZ283 days
ParvalbuminsZZ293 days
Serum AlbuminsZZ303 days
TropomyosinsZZ313 days
Kiwi ComponentsZZ323 days
Venom ComponentsZZ333 days
Walnut ComponentsZZ343 days
Cashew ComponentsZZ353 days
Apple ComponentsZZ363 days

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